Choose your own Christmas Tree




You can either choose a tree from our pre-cut sales yard or choose a freshly cut tree direct from the plantation.


AVAILABILITY in the plantation this year is as follows -

Nordman fir   - a wide choice of trees at all heights up to 12ft

Norway spruce - very limited availability up to 8 feet (stock available in the sales yard)

Corkbark fir  - limited availability as we do not grow many of this variety!

Korean fir    - limited availability as we do not grow many of this variety!




Please read these guidelines and our Health & Safety policy by clicking at the bottom of this page.


1.  Report to a member of staff and tell us that you would like to choose your own tree from the plantation.  The plantation is permanently staffed on Friday Saturday & Sunday but not Monday to Thursday.


2.  Last entry to the plantation is at 3.30pm before dusk.  Please be aware that it is likely to be wet and cold so ensure you are dressed appropriately.  We reserve the right to temporarily close the plantation in the event of extreme weather conditions.


3.  All trees are for sale unless already labelled as sold.  Trees are labelled from 5ft upwards

5ft - red label             9ft     - purple label 

6ft - white label           10ft    - orange label

7ft - blue label            11-12ft - green label

8ft - yellow label          SOLD    - pink label


If you choose an unlabelled tree, please ask so we can confirm its height and price


4.  Once you have chosen your tree, please attract the attention of a member of staff. If we are busy there may be a short delay before you are attended to, for which we apologise in advance. If you leave the tree in order to attract attention, please try and remember which one it was, or place something on it to help you locate it again!


5.  Your tree will be cut, transported to the netting area to be netted, and transported to your car.  Please go to the Shop in order to pay for your tree and view the other products that we sell!


6.  If your tree is being delivered it will be transported to the sales yard.  If you have chosen a tree but wish to have it cut at a later date, we will label the tree as sold with your name on it.




Please click here to read our health & safety policy