Norway Spruce
Norway spruce thumb

These are the "traditional" looking Christmas trees that dominated the market before the arrival of the Nordman fir. They are still popular with some customers, and represent good value for money as they are a bit cheaper than fir trees.  They have a smaller, sharper needle than fir trees, and have a lovely "Christmassy" fragrance to them.


They can be prone to needle drop; however this will be reduced if a water-holding tree stand is used.  Needle retention is also influenced by how quickly the tree is moved from outside to inside and where it is located in the home.  If possible, customers should leave this type of tree in a cool inside room to acclimatise for a few days, and avoid locating it very close to radiators or other direct heat sources.  In a cooler environment, and certainly outside, they retain their needles very well.


Please note that this year Norway spruce up to 8 feet high will be found in the pre-cut sales yard as we have no availability in the plantation. 

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